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Swede Nelson
Irrigation Installation:

We install irrigation systems suited for your landscape and budget. For more than 20 years we have serviced the Greater Atlanta area both in the commercial and the residential market. Some folks want only their turf irrigated while others want to be sure all their landscaping is properly watered. Having a professionally installed irrigation system will give you the peace of mind that all those landscape dollars you invested will be maintained during the dry days of summer.  At the beginning of each year we send out our annual irrigation maintenance agreement to be sure we get you ready for the upcoming season. This will give you the confidence of a properly working system and save on your watering dollars. Also, in the event of an unlikely occurrence, like a car running over a sprinkler head or lighting decides to strike your controller, we have service technicians that are trained to make any necessary repairs.

Outdoor Custom Lighting:

Each low voltage lighting system is uniquely designed to match your landscape and highlight your home. The added security and pleasure of a properly lit home has become a must for those who enjoy their evenings outdoors. We can also help you maintain your low voltage lighting system, should you have any service needs.

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